Petalite tumble tumblestone

Petalite tumble tumblestone

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1 X tumble   

Petalite helps bring a safe environment for spiritual contact - bringing peace, calm, alertness, protection and success - clearing negative emotions and lessens emotional sensitivity. Petalite is a stone of compassion, promoting flexibility while maintaining gentle yet strong.

Accept and love yourself better than before. Relax and allow your mind to gently quiet. Connect with Angels and other spirit guides. Heal your heart and feel safe and comforted. Let Petalite bring balance to your mind, body & spirit!

~Angels~Raise Vibration~Balance~Spiritual growth~

~ Conflict Resolution
~Chakra: Heart
Affirmation: "I now choose to resolve my conflicts with
others, through peace and understanding"

Archangel Ambriel
Ambriel is angel of the month of May and a price of the
order of thrones. His energy assists us with developing clearcommunication, whilst offering protection from negativity - invoke this angel for perfect clarity, peace and openness.